Root issues? ALGAREN TWIN is GREEN HAS ITALIA’s solution

One of the biggest problems for those working in the field of floriculture is to ensure a fast and vigorous rooting of young seedlings. A well-developed and active root system in a short time enables young seedlings to early start absorbing nutrients, ensuring they to overcome all those stress conditions that characterize early stages of growth.

ALGAREN TWIN, also allowed in organic farming, is a product of natural origin with proven effects on rooting. The product, due to the presence of a high content of algae and other active ingredients, effectively stimulates the development of the roots.

The seaweed (Ecklonia Maxima) contained in ALGAREN TWIN distinguishes itself from all the other seaweeds commonly used in agriculture, for its unique relationship between auxine and cytokine, which is optimal in favor of the release of new roots.

Extraction of the active ingredients from Ecklonia Maxima does not involve destructive methods or high temperatures but has a cold extraction that does not denature the most important components present in the seaweed, preserving its effectiveness.

Problemi di radici? ALGAREN TWIN è la soluzione di GREEN HAS ITALIA

Picture shows the effect of the product at 150 ml / hl on young celery plant