Green Has Italia at Campo demo 2019

On June 18, Green Has Italia took part in “Campo Demo 2019” organized in Liscate (MI) by Agricola 2000 and DISAFA of University of Turin. The trial was focused on the use of biostimulants in mixture with post-emergence herbicides on soybean for the mitigation of the phytotoxicity caused by the application of some of these products.

The product of Green Has Italia used in the trial is Vit-Org, a plant-origin liquid fertilizer containing vegetal extracts, polysaccharides, organic nitrogen, potassium, organic carbon with plant origin amino acids that stimulate plants metabolism. Moreover, the content in Glycin betaine (7%), a natural osmoprotectant compound, makes the product very effective in helping the plants overcome abiotic stresses.

After the applications, it was possible to appreciate a higher crop vigor in the plots treated with Vit-Org, if compared to those where herbicides were applied alone. The mitigation of herbicide-related stress was also confirmed by the assessment carried out on crop that showed a higher crop cover – assessed by NDVI technology – and the increase of plant height (+10%).