II° Biostimulants National Workshop – Piacenza 12nd September 2019

“Biostimulants: from laboratory research to field use”

The second workshop on biostimulants, held at the Congress Centre of the Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza, brought together researchers and technicians for an exchange and an update on the use in agriculture of this important product category. One of the central themes of this meeting, as highlighted in the title, consisted in recalling the necessary steps to reach a final formula, from the research phase to its field applications. The reports presented during the workshop have underlined the importance of a synergic, close collaboration between universities and companies, who can find more and more efficient agronomic solutions for those who have to face daily challenges on the fields. Even the agronomists agreed on the fact that research, a fundamental part of the development of new products, needs to match the practical field applications, in order to obtain the best results, in full compliance with the safety of the final consumer. Lastly, it was pointed out how biostimulants represent not only a valid answer to deal with abiotic stresses, but are also key products to be included in an agronomic strategy aimed to increment productions

Download the poster “Effects of EXPANDO, a new biostimulant promoting fruit growth”