Making our ideas happen through the manufacture of recognised products of quality.

Green Has Italia is owner to two productive plants.

The main plant was founded in Canale d’Alba, Italy and has been active since 1985.

On this site, through modern technology and avant-garde industrial processes, our entire range of products is made. We have product lines for the following: the formulation of nutritional specialities and mineral fertilizers, organic and mineral-organic fertilizers in liquid and soluble powder form- in an assortment of innovative packaging and size choice.

Notably, all our products for fertigation and our nutritional specialities for foliar use are made after the attentive analysis and selection of raw materials.

This is then followed by scrupulous monitoring and control of our entire production process, thus guaranteeing the highest possible standard of quality. In our Canale d’Alba plant, biostimulants are conceived and made. They are characterized by their advanced formulae, derived from vegetal extracts, amino acids, seaweed and other organic and mineral matrices.

Green Has Italia - PRODUCTION SITES - Giordania

Our Jordanian factory, in Al Mafraq, has been running since 2014. Here, via contemporary manufacturing lines, fertilizers in water soluble form taken from our Green Has Italia line and formulae such as liquid fertilizers in concentrated suspension or in paste form are made. Rigorous qualitative and analytical controls are made from within the plant’s laboratory.

The plant also provides personalized solutions for third party companies working within the industry.