We want to continue to discover

To expand its research and development activity, Green Has Italia has invested in the creation of a new research center that will be built in Canale d’Alba, near the main site. The new greenhouse and the phytotron are already active and are equipped with the most advanced technologies.

The greenhouse, which covers a total surface area of six hundred square meters, is subdivided into independent microclimatic zones, recreating diverse temperature, humidity and photoperiodic conditions, mirroring the geographical areas we oversee with our commercial organizations.

Thanks to advanced variable spectrum LEDs, the phytotron recreates a controlled environment, having differing climatic and photoperiodic conditions, sunrise and sunset situations and radiation stages, similar to real ones; essential for the development and selection of new products.

The complete project also includes the implementation of three laboratories dedicated to the development of formulations, the chemical and biochemical characterization of innovative formulations, and the study of genomics and microbiology. An area will be dedicated to pilot plants. Furthermore, rhizotrones will be set up with specific equipment for the analysis of root systems and for experimental crops.

The Research Center, one of the most advanced in our sector, will be a further stimulus to create and make available to farmers increasingly more action-specific formulations, keeping in mind nutritional models which are attentive to sustainability parameters and to climate change.