HPP is our internal protocol that regulate the development process of a new product.

The formula, before reaching the market are submitted to a careful and rigorous selection divided in four phases:

PHASE 1 – Conception and formulation of prototypes for specific applications: the request for special products comes from the needs of modern agriculture. The prototypes are studied and selected based on the chemical stability through stress-tests (high and low temperatures) which are carried out in laboratory.
PHASE 2 – Selection of the prototypes based on their agronomic effectiveness: agronomic trials are carried out in growth chamber (rapid screening), greenhouse and open fields in standard and abiotic stress conditions (heat, drought and salt stress).
PHASE 3 – Chemical and biological characterization of the most stable and effective formula: the identification of the active molecules and of the modes of action of the product is carried-out through studies of biochemistry, genomic and metabolomic in collaboration with international scientific partners.
PHASE 4 – Extensive agronomic validation: several effectiveness trials are carried out on different crops and in various cultivation areas. These tests are executed in collaboration with officially recognized experimental centers, leading technicians in the sector.