Only through unfailing research is knowledge achieved.

We have a consolidated tradition for research and we are internationally acknowledged for the superior quality and innovation of our formulae. We make significant investments yearly in technological progress, knowing that this is the basis for competitively, future success and the growth of our company.

Our Research and Development offices are found in Canale d’Alba, where our excellence is highlighted by the continual production of innovative nutritional specialities and biostimulants.

The selection and definition of high-value substances designed for new formulae takes place within our laboratories in collaboration with prestigious and internationally recognised research institutions.

Particular attention is given to the study and understanding of the ways in which, from gene to protein, the development of a vegetal organism may be directed.

The result of which can be seen in the improvement of our products fundamental characteristics, the ease of application; excellent solvency in water and of plant assimilation in terms of nutritional and bioactive elements, and of course the continual development of our new products.