Acidify water to maximize nutrient absorption

Vyrer, a unique product with 5 different actions, namely ACIDIFYING, FERTILIZING, as an COLOR CHANGE INDICATOR, now even more WETTING and ADHESIVE.

Vyrer is a liquid fertilizer with an acidifying action, which regulates the pH of the water used during the treatments, improving the solubilisation, the homogenisation, the adhesiveness and the translocation inside the vegetal tissues of agrochemicals and fertilizers.
Through the acidification of the water, the formula allows to increase the bioavailability of the nutritional elements of the fertilizers (in particular calcium and magnesium), to improve the miscibility of different products in solution, and to increase the functionality of the agrochemicals by reducing the alkaline hydrolysis.

Thanks to its new formulation, Vyrer also shows both a strong wetting effect, which increases the percentage of surface area occupied by the water drop, and a strong adhesive effect of the fertilizers and agrochemicals to the vegetative organs, in order for the applied products to be washed away less easily.

Vyrer reduces the risks of occlusions of filters and misting nozzles
Vyrer also carries out an important cleansing action in terms of the honeydew produced by insects and of the sooty mould on leaves and fruits
Vyrer, added to water, causes a change in its colour which allows to visually and easily measure the final pH of the solution, with the help of the colorimetric scale placed on the label

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