Calfomyth – an exclusive source of P and Ca from fruit set

The phenological phases that go from setting (formation of the embryo) to the beginning of fruit growth are extremely delicate, since the correct nutritional balances play a fundamental role for the obtainment of qualitatively and quantitatively satisfactory productions for farmers.
It is especially important in these phases to guarantee to the crops full availability of Phosphorus, as energy source, and of Calcium to give consistency to the cell walls of the set fruits.
For this reason, Green Has Italia has designed Calfomyth which, thanks to the purity of the used raw materials and to an “exclusive” production process, combines in the same formulation calcium and phosphorus P₂O₅ (23%) and CaO (5%) in rapidly bio-available form and in a 5:1 ratio, the most naturally oriented one to the physiology of the crops right after setting.
Calfomyth is the only product in liquid form containing P and Ca in high concentrations and in synergy with Boron and Molybdenum and has these features:

  • Ensures a balanced weight development of the fruits.
  • Activates metabolic processes that contribute to an increase of the final colouration.
  • Increases soluble solids
  • Prevents physiopathologies due to calcium deficiencies
  • Reduces early-drop of fruits due to abiotic stresses
  • In horticultural crops with leaves it leads to higher colouration and consistency of the tissues, prevents tip-burn,
  • helps with the closure of the head and increases shelf-life.
  • Can be perfectly mixed with the most common agrochemicals

Calfomyth - Green Has Italia
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