The correct preparation of product mixes in barrel for foliar treatments

The in-barrel preparation of the sprayable solution requires the observance of a specific sequence of product dilutions, in order to guarantee their best stability and dispersion, avoiding thus the formation of precipitates or suspensions, fundamental aspects to reach the expected efficacy.

The correct sequence is the following:

1.Pour first Vyrer, water pH regulator

2.Mineral fertilizers Green Has Italia

3.Formulations in water-soluble sachets

4.Formulations in water-dispersible granules (WG – DF)

5.Wettable powders (PB – WP)

6.Concentrated suspensions (SC -SE)

7.Emulsifiable concentrates (EC)

8.Organic fertilizers Green Has Italia (Algaren Twin – Nutrigreen Ad – Vit-Org VG – Drin ecc.)

Both in its formulation containing antifoam and in the one with high wetting and tackifying effects, Vyrer increases the availability of nutritional elements and the functionality of the agrochemicals, thanks to its strong action as water pH regulator.

VYRER - Green Has Italia