Good tillering for better cereal crops

More and more, in recent years, seasonal critical conditions are leading both a poor development of the cereals during the winter months and a poor spring tillering  that negatively affect the productivity and the quality of the crop.

To overcome these critical conditions we suggest the application of MAGIC P STAR from 2° to 6° leaf  (BBCH 12 and BBCH 16) at 2 l/ha .

MAGIC P STAR is one of the Mineral Premium liquid fertilizer produced with an exclusive process to obtain high and quick bio availability of P and Mn, even at low temperatures (5° – 6° C) and in low light condition, guaranteeing an excellent use of both these elements in any condition. The association, in the formulation, of iron and zinc in chelated form allows a naturally balanced mix of nutrients to stimulate a prompt roots growth.

Besides, thnaks to its acidification power, Magic P is an ideal partner for herbicides, granting their best activation.

For organic cereals production GREEN HAS ITALIA has developed ALGAREN TWIN, a natural product containing the seeweed Eckolonia Maxima and selected mix of yeast extracts. The applications of Alagren twin   from 2° to 6° leaf BBCH 12 a BBCH 16 at the rate of 2l/ha is an effective solution for increasing the tillering and the best root establishment after winter, particularly in difficult conditions.

ALGAREN TWIN, thanks to its special content,  grants to the organic cereals  the best use of the nitrogen present into the soil.